Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Dual Role at the Population Health Colloquium

Rob Lieberthal, PhD
Faculty, Jefferson School of Population Health

This is another in a series of blog posts previewing the Twelfth Population Health & Care Coordination Colloquium, taking place February 27-29 at the Philadelphia Downtown Marriott Hotel.

I am excited to be both a speaker and an attendee at the 2012 Population Health & Care Coordination Colloquium, previously highlighted on this blog This will be my first time at the Colloquium, so I feel like I am jumping in with both feet. It promises to be an amazing three-day program.

First, I will be speaking as part of a four-faculty-member team in the Advanced Applications in Population Health pre-conference “boot camp”. I will lead off the morning with a talk on “The Economics of Personalized Medicine and Genomics.” After my talk, attendees should be able to assess genomic approaches from the point of view of a patient and a population, critique current approaches to assessment of personalized medicine, and evaluate the economic outcomes of genomic medicine for different populations. The complexity of the healthcare system will be a theme of the Advanced Applications pre-conference, where other speakers will discuss why patients need help making healthcare choices, and how population health interventions must invovle a systems approach. I am looking forward to explaining why the economic perspective is a crucial part of the improvement of population health.

Second, I will be attending a number of sessions featuring national leaders in population health. There are two sessions that I am especially looking forward to:
  • The health plan panel on Monday evening will bring in speakers from four major health insurers, who will continue to play a critical, and expanding role, in population health management under health reform.

  • Wednesday morning will feature a closing keynote from Chris McFadden, who I first met as a speaker at the JSPH Health Policy Forum . Chris and his partners are putting real money on the line when it comes to health care, so I am sure that his perspectives will be informed by a keen eye for where the emerging areas of opportunity in health care lie.

I am very much looking forward to the full experience at the Colloquium. I hope that my colleagues will help me to refine my own ideas, give me new ones, and introduce me to new partners. I am also looking forward to having a little fun, both at the Sunday night book club and the group fitness classes I see peppered throughout the program. It will be a packed schedule, and I hope to see you there!

The Twelfth Population Health & Care Coordination Colloquium will be February 27-29 at the Philadelphia Downtown Marriot Hotel. To register, or for further information,, or call 800-503-7439.

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