Sunday, April 29, 2012

American College of Physicians Annual Meeting 2012

I have just returned from an "over the top" Annual Meeting of the ACPE in San Francisco CA---over the top because it was the largest gathering of physician executives of the past seven years with more than 800 docs from around the nation, and the world. I taught the Quality Section of the Physician in Management (PIM) Series. PIM is an intensive, all day, five consecutive day immersion into the world of the physician executive. My session was closed out as we topped 160 attendees for an 8am to 430pm all day overview of the world of healthcare quality and safety. We covered the history of the quality and safety movement, evidence based medicine, practice guidelines, the culture of clinical practice and health reform. The program was very interactive and it is a real privilege for me to engage with so many emerging leaders simultaneously. It was an extra special day because our new book debuted too---HEALTH CARE QUALITY:The Clinician's Primer. I signed scores of books at the ACPE event and I hope you will go to and order your copy today.Finally, Dr Jim Pelegano, the Director of our Masters Program in Quality and Safety gave his lunch time talk about our program and I am confident that dozens of new applications will be arriving soon due to his enthusiastic presentation. This Annual Meeting of ACPE and the debut of our latest book made for an exciting event. I wish I could "bottle" some of this energy and give every downtrodden doctor a quick sip to perk them up and to join us on the journey to measure and improve the quality of care in our country. Once again, JSPH is at the forefront of this critical issue. DAVID NASH

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