Sunday, April 22, 2012

TechSolve in Cincinnati, OHIO

This past week I had the distinct pleasure, and honor, of speaking at the TechSolve series of health policy events, at their headquarters just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. TechSolve is a 25-year-old, not for profit, consulting company that specializes in process improvement in healthcare. According to their own materials, "TechSolve collaborates with healthcare organizations to implement business improvement solutions. These solutions reduce process variation and eliminate wasteful activities - leading to increased capacity throughout and improved patient care and satisfaction"... All music to my ears!! I spoke for four hours about the history of the quality and safety movement in our country and its direct connection to health reform under the ACA. TechSolve brought together many of its key customers and we had an awesome interactive session. They also purchased scores of copies of DEMAND BETTER and I stayed to autograph every copy. TechSolve is a gem...and I am hoping that our school will be further engaged with their ongoing work. I am also convinced that some junior staff at TechSolve will want to join us in our growing on line Masters Degree in Healthcare Quality and Safety. It's a great potential partnership for sure. Stay tuned for more news about the good work of our colleagues at TechSolve and visit them at DAVID NASH

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